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| About Our Services |

Jack Hamblin Auctions is licensed by the State of Pennsylvania (No. AU1813L) and is Bonded to conduct on-site, gallery-style, consignment, and real estate auctions. Jack is a member of the National Auctioneer’s Association (NAA) and Pennsylvania Auctioneer’s Association (PAA), organizations of select Auctioneers who subscribe to the highest standards in the Auction Industry.

All of our sales are conducted with full legal documentation, and prompt cash settlement is made within a prearranged period following the auction. Jack Hamblin Auctions is also fully insured to conduct sales at a variety of sites, yet another advantage to the seller.

1) On-site – Many of our auctions are conducted at your location. These sales are popular with sellers and buyers alike for a host of reasons, and are often used for Estate Settlement.
2) Gallery-style – Where on-site sales are not feasible, your sale items may best be removed to a gallery setting. We do not operate from a single building, but utilize a select group of public halls situated on major highways. Often, this means the auction can be held close to YOU, the seller.
3) Consignment – Smaller quantities of goods are handled on this basis, wherein people with fewer items to sell can be represented in a larger auction.
4) Real Estate – We will also conduct an auction of Real Estate (homes, buildings, land, etc). This auction is one of the fastest growing methods of selling real property across the nation. Contact us for details.

In all of these sales, our staff will inventory, catalogue, advertise and conduct the auction – independently, or with the assistance of the seller. Whatever your auction needs, contact us for a no-obligation consultation and competitive rate quotation. Of course, all inquiries are handled with courtesy and discretion.